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Canon Xephilio OCT A1
Canon Xephilio OCT-A1
  • Accurate Scanning, Outstanding Ease of Use
  • Fast and Precise Follow-up
  • High Definition, Enhanced Depth, Wide Field of View
  • Reliable 10-Layer Recognition
  • High-Definition Imaging

Canon Xephilio OCT S1 Swept Source
Canon Xephilio OCT-S1
  • Wide Field imaging - 23 mm in a single scan
  • Swept source technology
  • Single Capture Wide Field OCT Angiography
  • Mosaic Wide Field OCTA
  • 5.3 mm depth of imaging
  • Anterior segment imaging
  • +++

Canon Xephilio R1 OCT/Fundus
  • Kombinert OCT og Fundus 
  • Full auto
  • Rask og svært intuitiv software
  • Kan kombineres med tidligere databaser fra canon
  • Dicom
  • Integrasjon mot journalsystem

Huvitz OCT Fundus HOCT-1F
Huvitz HOCT-1F
  • Kombinert OCT og Funduskamera
  • Svært enkel i bruk
  • Gratis viewere på alle rom
  • Fremresegment adapter
  • Mosaicfunksjon
  • Biometri

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